Lucas Leon - Altstadtzauber 2023

Altstadtzauber 2023
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Lucas Leon

Songs & Lyrics with emotion, nevertheless a "rocky" sound, a voice that you will remember.
Some of these phrases you hear when you read about singer Lucas Leon!
Telling stories "made by the typical situations of love & life" all over Europe - and  2023
he will be with us at Altstadtzauber-festival for his 2nd time.

Since last time a couple of years went by - and much water flew down the rivers ...
and the young rookie of the nebulous past changed to a cool guy - presenting his new
songs & show on Saturday afternoon!

Saturday, 12.08.2023
Time: 16:00 - 17:00
Stage 4 (Dr. A.-Lemisch-Platz)

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10. - 12. August 2023
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