Anita Bertolami - Altstadtzauber 2023

Altstadtzauber 2023
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Anita Bertolami


Transfiguro is a poetic journey into the fantastic. With her main prop consisting of her own body, Anita Bertolami creates a charming array of characters, carefully bringing them to life in front of the eyes of the audience. Every new personality takes on a life of its own; a cheeky figure made of hair performs vanishing tricks, surprising itself just as much as the audience; a small yet big-eyed lady bakes up a storm; and a belly feels inclined to prove its strength. With their gentle charm, these figures invite the audience into a non-verbal realm of the fantastic.

is a performance for public spaces, for puppetry and street theatre festivals, as well as for the stage. Ideal locations are small squares, courtyards and intimate stage venues.

Friday, 11.08.2023
17:00  -  Kramergasse Süd
19:15  -  Kramergasse Süd
22:00  -  Wienergasse

Saturday, 12.08.2023
15:00  -  Kramergasse Süd
18:15  -  Kramergasse Süd
20:30  -  Wienergasse
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10. - 12. August 2023
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