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Altstadtzauber 2023
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El Diabolero

Abraham Thill alias El Diabolero (born in Vienna, Austria in 1980) experienced "the stage" first time at the age of 10 - since then he knew that it would be his passion to become an actor. Nevertheless in 1999 he came into contact with diablo-juggling and the art of the buskers. So the character "El Diabolero" was born.
2003 he started studies of performing arts which he finished in 2006.
The combination of acting and juggling was the basement for his audience-effective shows being developed over many years and was presented since 2008 in various of the wellknown international street-buskers-, theatre- and circus-festivals.
El Diabolero also got many audience- and jury-trophies at various events.
He performed his shows over 20 years - and in more than 20 countries and 100 cities - and on 3 continents.
He also is the art director and co-organizer of the international street-art-festival "Gioco L´Arte" in Trentino, Italy.

Friday, 11.08.2023
16:30  -  Alter Platz West
18:45  -  Kramergasse
22:00  -  Alter Platz Ost

Saturday, 12.08.2023
14:00  -  Kramergasse
16:45  -  Alter Platz Ost
21:30  -  Kramergasse Süd
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10. - 12. August 2023
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