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(GERMAN = valid!  Translation via Google DeepL!
In any case of misunderstanding ONLY the german version is valid!)

The "Stadtrichter zu Clagenfurth" point out that we have no influence on the content or design of linked pages. We expressly distance ourselves from the content of linked pages and accept no liability for statements, ideologies, etc. of other pages.
Furthermore, our Internet pages may have been linked from other pages without our knowledge. We do not take any responsibility for the content and design of these linked third party websites.

The website "www.altstadtzauber.at"
* does not use tracking cookies or cookies to create profiles
* does not collect/store personal data of the visitors of this website
* does not create profiles
* only creates statistics (with an online counter), which counts the number of daily hits,
 in order to be able to understand, how large the interest in our sides is generally

Info about the visitor counter
This website uses the Unofficial WsX5 Counter visitor counter for statistical analysis of visitor hits.
For the technical implementation, session cookies (text files that are stored on the computer of visitors to the website) and the storage of your IP address are required. This data cannot be assigned to specific persons by the provider. The IP address is not merged with other data sources. The IP addresses and cookies are usually deleted after a few days but at the latest after one month. The information generated by the cookie about your use of this website is stored on the Netcup server by the Unofficial WsX5 Forum in Germany (Nuremberg). The IP address is anonymized before it is stored.

Info of the ensembles listed on these pages
* All published links were posted on explicit request & with full consent of the artists/ensembles
 of the artists/ensembles
* All photos (incl. the indicated copyright notes (if necessary) have been provided by the artists/ensembles
  for exactly this purpose and published on their explicit wish.
* The artists/ensembles have agreed again separately in their contracts that this data will be
  be published.

Thus the conditions of the new EU data protection basic regulation are fulfilled!

The "Stadtrichter zu Clagenfurth" do not take any responsibility for improper use
of the links & all contents by third parties!

Further ensemble data
* are managed online-non-accessible (offline storage)
>> So it makes no sense to disturb our pages, hacking, wantonly damaging change etc ...
10. - 12. August 2023
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