Tobacco Road Blues Band - Altstadtzauber 2019

Altstadtzauber 2019
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Starting as a Coverband and playing the Songs of Hendrix, Moore, Clapton & Co., the Tobacco Road Blues Band began writing their own material after being asked to perform on a Television Show. Since it was a Christmas Special this first song was a Christmas-blues called „Under the Christmas Tree“. The audience liked it and it subsequently got airplay on Austrian radio stations.
Inspired by this first success, the band started to write more and more songs and after one year their shows consisted mainly of their own material. So there was a next step to be taken and the TRBB began to record their first CD at Southend Studios in St. Veit. Since the band hat often invited other musicians to play with them on stage it seemed quite logical to have them on the CD as well. „So what began with a simple Christmas-Blues developed into a major project“, says TRBB guitarist and singer Peter Prammerdorfer, „with the addition of Hammond B-3, Fender Rhodes, harp, a horn section and beautiful background voices“. „It all culminated“, remembers founding member Mike Diwald, „in a CD-release-concert with 350 - paying - guests!“
After that the band toured their home country. Frequently, specially at smaller venues, Prammerdorfer and Diwald picked up there acoustic guitars and played their shows „unplugged“  as a duo. After playing like 30 gigs in 2017 songwriters Prammerdorfer/Diwald had accumulated numerous new musical ideas and all of a sudden 14 new songs had been written to be added to the concert set list for 2018. And of course these songs now are in the process of being recorded with the release date set for November 2018. The single „Lean Your Head On Me“ to this upcoming CD was released in March 2018 and soon found airplay on various stations.
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