Musikfreunde Ebenthal - Altstadtzauber 2019

Altstadtzauber 2019
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Musikfreunde Ebenthal
The ensemble "Musikfreunde Poggersdorf-Ebenthal"  (info: german "Musikfreunde" = engl. ~ friends of music) are a young and enthousiastic new ensemble. Despite of their youth they not only made it to the winner´s place of local music-challenges - more important they made their way to the hearts of the audience. There is such an energy of happiness coming from stage when these young ambitioned musicians perform that you have to see it - then you can believe it! So come, and listen, and be happy ...

This year on the Altstadtzauber-musical-stages you will hear & see:
Gabriel Bürger
Fabrice Schmiedmeier
Raphael Maier
Jonas Grabner
Patrick Raspotnik
Sigfried Smetanig

Under the leadership of mastermind Werner Katolnig, the director of musical school "Musikschule Katolnig" this ensemble took part of the Harmonica-State-Championship - and 2019 they were successful in the categories Solo, Duo & Ensemble!
Our gratulations to
2x National Champion  (1st place)
2x Vice-National Champion (2nd place)
1x 3rd Place
11x  predicate: excellent
8x predicate: very good
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