Old School Basterds - Altstadtzauber 2019

Altstadtzauber 2019
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The Story behind „The Lost Tapes“

The Story as we remember it.
Back in 1954 we were young, carefree and loved making music.We had just written some tunes together in Johnnys garage. We were (not very well) known as „Tiny Tony and the Twisters”.
We actually got the chance to record our songs in a real recording studio. Uncle Richard, who managed us back in these days, played the tapes into the hands of local radio DJs and some music critics. They must have liked it, because they wrote nice things about it.
Maybe that’s why we were partying hard on that particular night in May, when the tapes got lost.
Well… nobody knows exactly what had happened. Stanley might have forgotten to close his bicycle basket properly, Jerry Lee pleaded not guilty, Johnny does not remember anything while Charlie accuses „Freddy and the Greenhorns” - a rivalry band back then - for making the tapes disappear. And we better not blame Vincenzo, he is half Italian and we never knew what kind of business his father was in. Other rumors contained visions of aliens. Neither of the versions can be confirmed.
Anyway, the tapes were gone, life went on, one or another was called for military service, the „Tiny Tony and the Twisters” got together a few times with changing line-ups and different band names. But finally we were reunited as the „OldSchoolBasterds”.
One day in 2016, after cleaning the attic, Mama Basterd called up and said: „Boys, i found some tapes and they are the hottest sh*t you might ever have heard! You guys should better come over and listen to it!”
As we were listening to the tapes we couldn’t believe it: it were the tapes we lost decades ago in 1954. They were finally found! Another night of partying hard was ahead! But this time we kept the tapes safe!
Yes, the tapes were in fact dusty and ragged, but we could manage to listen to them and re-recorded them properly.
And here we are; that's what you are holding in your hands:

The (no longer) Lost Tapes!
Now: enjoy the first OldScholBasterds album, containing only self-written Songs!
Listen LOUD!
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