Camaa Kult Orchestra - Altstadtzauber 2019

Altstadtzauber 2019
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Latin meets pop
"The rhythm is gonna get you!"
Fiesta feeling with southern flair
and lots of percussion!

International Latin-Pop Show with dynamic drum and percussion features as well as songs from Iris Camaa's album IRISISTIBLE, which was awarded the A. Music Award in Los Angeles 2017 for best Soul / R&B Album.

"Camaa Kult Orchestra"
the Allstarband

Move your feet, shake your body
& let's get loud!

Werner Wurm and Iris Camaa have formend a 12-piece power formation with musicians from all over the world, Cuba, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Austria and Switzerland,
The undisputed "Créme de la Créme" of the Austrian music scene: CAMAA CULT ORCHESTRA

A Latino Pop cover Show and Originals of international rank performed by a banda caliente with lots of percussion highlights.
Girlpower!!!.  Iris Camaa and Carla Natascha on vocals and percussions are Master of Ceremonies par excellence and know how to entertain the audience.
And exactly this Fiesta feeling with southern flair exudes by that 12 piece top formation.  From the first minute, the band seduces their audience into a world of hot latino rhythms and salsa beats.
Passionate, sophisticated arrangements, a funcy brass section and all-time classics of the 80s and 90s by Gloria Estefan and Carlos Santana on Millennium Chartbreaker Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin guarantee a great time.

Hips do not lie!
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Musical Cast
Iris Camaa, Austria, vocals, percussion
Carla Natascha, Bolivien, vocals, percussion
Hubert Tubbs, USA, vocals
Fagner Wesley, Brasil, keys
Nelson Williams, Cuba, percussion
Victor Fuentes, Cuba, percussion
Linda Spa, Austria, sax
Werner Wurm, Austria, trombone
Simon Plötzeneder, Austria, trumpet
Patrick Zambonin, Switzerland, bass
Gerald Gradwohl, Austria, guitar
Christina Stolz, Austria drums
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