Old Steamboat Jazz Band - Altstadtzauber 2019

Altstadtzauber 2019
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This lovely ensemble from Czech Republic is a very smart guest on our festival - thrilling the audience with evergreens of swing and jazz-music.
Trumpet player Lumir Ratay did many years performing with the Prague Dixieland Orchestra, also Karel Pixa (bass) plays for various international ensembles. Václav Novák doing the trombone tunes is very experienced because of his membership to northern-bohemian orchestras he played with. Then David Strobl, extraordinary clarinet- and saxophone-player and finally Zdenek Uher doing the guitar and the banjo.

Long time ago we heared them playing their fantastic and chilling music ... and we had to book them right in that moment!
Now the "old steamboat" sails to our festival for the 7th time .... they are part of it!
Not because we got friends .... because they are worth it!

Not having seen them playing, smiling, performing fun & happy lifestyle means not having seen a very smart & nice part of Altstadtzauber musical variety.
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