Three Tight - Altstadtzauber 2019

Altstadtzauber 2019
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How to write a nice presstext about a band that EVERYONE already knows? ... since 1974 ...
Well maybe get reduced to some facts that maybe NOT everyone knows ... let´s try:

Three Tight are
*  Inventors of the "Wörthersee-Sounds" .... did you really know that?
*  Finalists of the very first show of "Grosse Chance" (Oct. 1980)   
   (indeed THAT LONG the TV-shows exist ...)
*  Inventors of the "Living Jukebox"
  > "You say - they play"
     all that´s shown on the "musical menu" (and still computed by
     a legendary Commodore C-68)
*  8 different "Special"-Shows
*  approx. 3.000 shows between 1974 and 2000
*  They were 3, when the band was founded
*  They still ARE 3 ... the same 3 .... on the same

Only 3?   Not JUST 3!   THREE TIGHT!
and 3 is very enough, you will see!

*  Attention! Maybe you find some exaggerations -
  but:  THE   RUSH   WILL   BE   REAL!!!
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