Passepartout - Altstadtzauber 2019

Altstadtzauber 2019
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OF COURSE - again with us is the little beloved monster

the monster from Dobratsch mountain

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This story took place in 2012
on an icy December-morning.

There was an ancient legend ...
The monster living in the caves
inside Dobratsch mountain
would again open its eyes and
then come over all the
villagers to cause fear and terror.

With its long mouth and the
curved horns it hunts
for the longhorns, pigs,
sheep and goats
for many centuries.

were being told -
some may have been true -
some maybe not -
who could know that today ...
with a brave heart,
set out to the icy deep wholes
to face the monster -
the terrible
(primigenius taurus cum magna naso).

(englisch translation may be:
pig-nosed ancient goat-cow
with big nose)

Unbelieveably brave he risked
his life during the fight against
the monster lurking in the caves.

Oh was it terrifying ...
oh was it horrible ...
so daring the brave Passepartout
had to go on to survive this adventure.

Finally he was able to catch the monster ...
and after cutting the fire-red fur
below its head
Passepartout wanted to take
the animal back home to his
village to show it to all the people.

But it was so hard to tame the monster.

So it lasted a while,
until the bad and ugly cave-monster
that brought fear for so many centuries
became the peaceful and friendly
animal that he brought back to his village.

The grumpy and biting monster
turned to a nice and true friend.
And from now on it went aside
of Passepartout and followed him
an all the journeys through the world.

The animal was so tame,
that also children could
ride on its back for a little while.

That´s the end of the story
of the taming of the terrible
monster of Dobratsch´ caves.
And of Passepartout and his
bravery - he did what nobody
thought it could possibly
be done.

The dangerous enemy finally
became a dear friend -
and maybe you, dear children,
could meet Passepartout & his friend
and take a look ...
then you will see that every word
of our story is true ...


The story of the brave PASSEPARTOUT
and the Monster of Dobratsch Mountains ...

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