Silvia Martini - Altstadtzauber 2019

Altstadtzauber 2019
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An eclectic  and multiskill street theater show. It will be not the sexy and feminine aoutfit to conquire the aoudience, but the provocative and ironic sympathy of an acrobat who belives herselves to be a rock star.
Just a clothes hanger and a red truck acompain the aoudience in her exentric world made by 35 spinning  hoops, blindly stunts and delicious follies. The show uses to mix the hight technique in circus skills of hula hoops, handbalancing and clown with a gentle and at the same time provocative teatrality where the game of seduction involves the aoudience into a briliant and energetic  show for the whole family.
A  one woman show witch combines handbalance, hula hoop and clown with many brilliant improvvisations with the aoudience. High techniques in circus skills and  a  strong carachter on the stage make an energetic show where the unexpected  involves the whole family into blindly stunts and delicious follies.
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